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Shout Box History
Tomun: goodnight to you sir
18-07-2008 10:53:pm
Mast3r: im tired...goodnight HR
18-07-2008 10:13:pm
Tomun: Um lol? Someone likes to brag I see.
18-07-2008 9:07:pm
Tomun: Ya I was right on splatterladder we are ranked 196, WOOT!
18-07-2008 6:53:pm
Lunar: i have to play more often im ranked at 459 lol
18-07-2008 5:57:pm
Tomun: Ya I know lol but I thougt the server rank was like somewhere in the 200s last time I checked.
18-07-2008 10:44:am
Hypo: its is heaxD, lol hope your kidding, i ment the server rank its now even 353
18-07-2008 4:44:am
Tomun: 360? Hypo you finally got a xbox 360? If so then awesome sauce!
17-07-2008 8:05:pm
Hypo: Nero i applied for the clan page on [URL]
17-07-2008 6:46:am
Hypo: 360!!!
17-07-2008 6:42:am
Hypo: Cooooooooool
16-07-2008 10:14:am
neropl: 362 and counting
16-07-2008 8:57:am
SuperJ: Whats Up Yo!!!!!!
15-07-2008 10:56:pm
Hypo: Cooool
15-07-2008 2:15:pm
neropl: server rank in past few days made huge progress from 419 to 365 keep it that way
15-07-2008 2:09:pm
Hypo: not funny fear to me again half a hour lol
15-07-2008 12:07:pm
Fear: =D
15-07-2008 11:34:am
Hypo: Lol tom yes i did lol but i deleted pak0.pk3 too and stuff so i needed to reinstal it lol
15-07-2008 4:16:am
Gungo: ty
15-07-2008 12:13:am
Fear: Congrat to , eba, gun and philip for there lvl 5, btw ya now you can upload your avatar from your machine!
14-07-2008 10:22:pm
Tomun: Yo eba! What's shakin?
14-07-2008 5:27:pm
Mast3r: can we upload avatars yet?
14-07-2008 2:54:pm
Tomun: So Hypo delete those pk3s yet? lol
14-07-2008 2:44:pm
Hypo: lol
14-07-2008 12:24:pm
vorarbeiter: sorry... wasnt4this page ^^
13-07-2008 4:52:pm
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