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Shout Box History
Lunar: woop woop congrats dad on the tags
09-08-2008 8:11:am
Hypo: Lollz
08-08-2008 11:46:am
neropl: did they try to get you in their clan?
08-08-2008 10:38:am
Killaz: I was abducted by aliens!
08-08-2008 6:23:am
capncaveman: welcome to hR knoff
08-08-2008 5:13:am
TazQc: Party time Hypo is back
07-08-2008 6:49:pm
knoff: hello cool the shoutbox
07-08-2008 5:00:pm
Hypo: yess, AND HI GUYS I'M BACK:p:p
07-08-2008 2:37:pm
capncaveman: congratulations spy code
06-08-2008 7:23:pm
capncaveman: Thank you very much i am proud to wear tags
06-08-2008 7:22:pm
jethro: that means u have an empty name slot. before you get on the server go to options, then(correct me if im wrong. its been a while lol) i think its ingame, and type ur name in the name slot
06-08-2008 7:04:pm
SpyCode1: what u mean
06-08-2008 6:56:pm
TazQc: I just checked and it says empty name,
06-08-2008 6:55:pm
SpyCode1: i cant get in the server it saying its disconnected
06-08-2008 5:16:pm
SpyCode1: oooo so clan member in hr sweet thanks soo much
06-08-2008 1:12:pm
TazQc: Yes that's what i showed you last night
06-08-2008 12:56:pm
SpyCode1: so that means i am a hr
06-08-2008 12:20:pm
SpyCode1: so that mean i means hr
06-08-2008 12:19:pm
Fear: Welcome to our new member's!!! +hR.Spy Code1 and +hR.Capncaveman
06-08-2008 9:35:am
06-08-2008 8:43:am
Fear: yeah he's the man!
04-08-2008 6:40:pm
Tomun: Capn is the best!
03-08-2008 6:35:pm
Fear: 65$ capn woohoo! ty very much for donating!!!
03-08-2008 5:17:pm
SpyCode1: srry guys but i lost my skill i dont think i will be playin for a while
30-07-2008 9:59:pm
bobba2k: thanks for the invite capn.
30-07-2008 4:01:pm
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