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Shout Box History
thebomber: no i actaully wrote this b4 iknew 4 sure guys srry taz
24-08-2008 9:00:pm
TazQc: you didn't believe me Bomber?
23-08-2008 6:23:pm
Tomun: We're not back yet lol
23-08-2008 3:30:pm
thebomber: how was ur trip nero and tomun ull have to tellme all aabout it on server
22-08-2008 8:45:pm
Lunar: no its just they way my parents schedule roles
20-08-2008 8:15:pm
TazQc: Did they brought you in the trunk of the car?
20-08-2008 6:26:pm
Lunar: ya ok like i wanted to be gone for two weeks -
19-08-2008 9:22:am
capncaveman: slacker
18-08-2008 4:17:pm
Lunar: i havent been playin for a while
18-08-2008 8:43:am
TazQc: It's great for both news
16-08-2008 5:48:pm
Mast3r: hey guys...im back!!!! and i finally got a job lol
16-08-2008 11:01:am
Hypo: I made a post Bomber:)
15-08-2008 6:27:am
thebomber: can some 1 tell me how to get the 2.60 patch i wanna try it out on 2.60 server
13-08-2008 3:20:pm
Fear: lol i cannot :'(
13-08-2008 12:00:pm
Hypo: Fear now make it in english and will see lol
13-08-2008 8:48:am
thebomber: hR is the sh** ya heard
12-08-2008 8:12:pm
Fear: have money on my game XD
12-08-2008 11:36:am
Hypo: Whats that fear?
12-08-2008 4:32:am
Fear: [URL]
11-08-2008 1:14:pm
Hypo: have a nice holiday man, and we will wait for you on the server
11-08-2008 8:23:am
Vorarbeiter: hey guys! i ll be away for a week - just enjoy the holidays but after that you ll have to fight with/against me even more (and harder) see ya!
10-08-2008 12:44:pm
Fear: Ty to killaz and his donation!!!! hell yeah 10$!!!!!!!!!
10-08-2008 1:33:am
thebomber: howdy yallz peeps
09-08-2008 9:20:pm
capncaveman: shout out goes to my wife whats up fiesty
09-08-2008 2:43:pm
capncaveman: thanks lunar
09-08-2008 2:29:pm
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