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Shout Box History
Vorarbeiter: tonight: fraggin supported by beer
15-09-2008 12:06:pm
Vorarbeiter: big LOL
15-09-2008 8:58:am
capncaveman: FEAR is my sweet sugar and the thompson is my poisin
15-09-2008 7:51:am
Chasin: come in the server getuige and gungo in rw:)
14-09-2008 7:15:am
Getuige: WOOOOT RW is back
14-09-2008 5:20:am
capncaveman: wassup hypo! :
14-09-2008 4:56:am
Chasin: RW great clan zero cheating
12-09-2008 12:30:pm
TazQc: don't worry we'll wait for you,
09-09-2008 6:24:pm
capncaveman: no prob vor see ya round
09-09-2008 4:19:pm
Vorarbeiter: hey guyz! this and next week i wont be @home most time - thats why you wont see me that often on the server, but i'll try my best to play when i can!
09-09-2008 4:12:pm
Hypo: YEah!
08-09-2008 10:12:am
Racer18: Yaahoo!
07-09-2008 5:05:pm
Tomun: WOOT! RW!
07-09-2008 9:54:am
Jerkke: RW IS BACK
07-09-2008 5:13:am
rambozo37: lol!
07-09-2008 12:36:am
Ronaldo: guys can anyone give ema link to download a nonbot cfg
06-09-2008 7:56:pm
SpyCode1: srry guys i have been grounded till tuese that y i havnt been on
05-09-2008 7:37:pm
SpyCode1: srry guys a ma drounded till tues thats y i have been on latly
05-09-2008 7:36:pm
Hypo: Rofl
05-09-2008 9:55:am
SpyCode1: how dose teamspeak work
31-08-2008 6:42:pm
SpyCode1: how dose eamspeak work
31-08-2008 6:41:pm
TazQc: Let us know how it was
30-08-2008 6:21:pm
Mast3r: sounds like lots of fun! rock out and come back sober so yu can play ET
30-08-2008 1:36:pm
Vorarbeiter: i'll be at a little rock-festival till sunday - listening to some bands, drinking and camping so have a nice weekend and see u after that! greetz, rock'n'roll - foreman
29-08-2008 2:07:am
Vorarbeiter: i#
29-08-2008 2:04:am
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