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Shout Box History
Arney5: what you do break em?
24-11-2013 5:43:pm
neropl: sorry no bots at the moment they getting fixed
24-11-2013 5:41:pm
Arney5: go to forms and join hr to fill out an appl,
11-11-2013 7:05:pm
ottyhall03: all we had was hax
11-11-2013 2:39:pm
ottyhall03: hey rasta i want to join the clan nero contact me at [E-Mail]
11-11-2013 2:00:pm
Widow: Happy Halloween
31-10-2013 10:53:am
ottyhall03: hello folks how r ya
23-10-2013 10:50:pm
neropl: that's why he's not gonna get it
21-10-2013 5:37:pm
Rasta: If you give the Capn back an etkey, he'll be able to keep his score and make me look bad.
14-10-2013 11:09:am
neropl: I sent you message too
10-10-2013 8:30:am
capncaveman: nero can you send me etkey? check pm
10-10-2013 7:56:am
Arney5: What you do wash out? LOL
28-09-2013 7:34:pm
28-09-2013 4:52:pm
neropl: server fixed and up again
25-09-2013 6:50:pm
Arney5: wow maka thought you weren't among the living.
25-09-2013 5:44:pm
neropl: Server is down Murphy's law takes effect
25-09-2013 3:45:pm
neropl: I think Maka broke it
25-09-2013 3:34:pm
Maka: Holler
25-09-2013 2:24:pm
Arney5: nero,server is kapoot.
25-09-2013 1:04:pm
Arney5: what a loser,i'm going to record this. LOL
25-09-2013 1:03:pm
neropl: they have wireless setup under some trees and you have to find which one very clever lol
25-09-2013 10:22:am
neropl: I think she's in boot camp and getting her butt kicked hard - she called me sir too lol
25-09-2013 10:20:am
neropl: we need to setup rescue mission to get Widow out of there lol
25-09-2013 10:17:am
Widow: Umm, Nero that is not funny sir, all there is is sticks out here. Gotta walk a damn mile just to make a phone call, gotta sit under a tree for some wifi that dont work half the time, you have no idea!
24-09-2013 8:55:pm
Arney5: on my android.
22-09-2013 3:34:pm
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