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Shout Box History
30-03-2014 12:51:am
neropl: I think I fixed it let see if they come again
22-03-2014 7:44:pm
14-03-2014 7:12:pm
neropl: there may be some errors showing when posting I need to fix email server so maybe done on the weekend
21-02-2014 11:36:am
mattopia: hey guys just thought i would let you know i wont be on from 8:00am on march 5th- 4:00pm march 5th due to a field trip through my school, thought i would let you know so you dont wonder where i am,sincerely, mattador
17-02-2014 7:01:pm
Killaz: Liddy watches men twerk
10-02-2014 7:57:pm
mattopia: hey nero, how do you create a forum? because i have one in mind
09-02-2014 5:02:pm
mattopia: hey everyone i just thought i would let you know im on all day on saturday and sunday, so if you want to get on early to play against someone, those days im available
09-02-2014 4:59:pm
ottyhall03: i hope to olay with u guys soon aka buttpimple
08-02-2014 5:00:am
Arney5: 8:00 on till everyone leaves.
04-02-2014 6:19:pm
Racer18: Arney when do you normally play?
03-02-2014 9:29:am
Racer18: Boo
01-02-2014 1:07:pm
ultraman: Arney, are ya online here?
06-01-2014 11:57:pm
thebomber: got new comp r apt everyone will post pics mayb later
03-01-2014 6:39:pm
Arney5: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
01-01-2014 11:31:am
Paladin: Merry Christmas everyone!
25-12-2013 7:40:am
Vorarbeiter: i reinstalled ET - hope to see some of you online sometimes
22-12-2013 11:59:am
Arney5: ya widows he's retarted.
18-12-2013 10:22:pm
Widow: Yeah I tried to comment on it but it wouldnt let me! How did ya do that?
12-12-2013 5:01:pm
capncaveman: widow did you see the pics of my finger?
11-12-2013 8:10:am
Widow: Leave it Liddy to bring pervertedness into the shout box.
09-12-2013 10:20:am
Arney5: are you off your meds or something?
08-12-2013 1:20:am
Liddy: What's up ladies? Popped in to harass you guys a little in the shout box. The "shout box" makes me think of a really big vagina. Is there an echo in here?
07-12-2013 8:07:pm
ottyhall03: if i dont see u guys happy thanksgiving
27-11-2013 7:43:am
neropl: I had talk to their medics and made them an offer they can't refuse and have to revive now
25-11-2013 3:36:pm
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