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Shout Box History
mattopia: why does the clan site feel dead
06-11-2015 7:51:am
capncaveman: hi smosh
13-10-2015 11:44:am
philipjfry: but will try a second time
13-10-2015 6:41:am
philipjfry: yup
13-10-2015 6:40:am
ultraman: philip, why dont ya try and delete the teuthonia pk3 file and let it redownload?
12-10-2015 11:11:pm
philipjfry: teuthonia cant get on to play on this map
12-10-2015 7:41:pm
12-10-2015 1:08:pm
10-10-2015 3:38:pm
neropl: Smoshi talk is cheap
08-10-2015 6:10:pm
xXSmoshiXx: Even with 200 ping I'll dominate
08-10-2015 4:56:pm
neropl: Arney stop hiding behind skirt...
08-10-2015 1:11:pm
neropl: Smoshi still not fit to play I guess
08-10-2015 1:11:pm
xXSmoshiXx: I am back for my yearly hello. See ya next year!
08-10-2015 9:57:am
Widow: Somebody get on the server NOW!
27-09-2015 8:16:pm
philipjfry: no ones on when i am on
26-09-2015 9:23:pm
philipjfry: i know widow
26-09-2015 9:22:pm
Widow: It is not summer time Arney, I havent even seen you on
25-09-2015 8:37:pm
Arney5: summer time.
13-09-2015 8:53:pm
Widow: So where the heck is everybody!? I finally got my sound fixed and not one person on the server!
13-09-2015 8:40:pm
Arney5: hello sweetie.
13-09-2015 8:07:pm
Widow: Hey everybody!
13-09-2015 5:24:pm
neropl: Sorry for web been down but my ISP was playing with my IP's
27-07-2015 8:02:am
capncaveman: hi caleb welcome to the website!
25-06-2015 10:42:pm
calebv67: hey
25-06-2015 10:07:pm
neropl: Capn I think he corrupted this server with his donations and server put him in first place
23-06-2015 2:31:pm
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