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Shout Box History
philipjfry: hey rambo
22-11-2019 5:45:pm
rambozo37: sup Nero! and everyone
22-11-2019 12:03:am
capncaveman: cant get on
20-10-2019 9:37:am
philipjfry: hey rudolf
05-08-2019 11:07:pm
Rudolf: hello everyone
02-08-2019 2:05:am
philipjfry: thanks nero
04-06-2019 8:32:pm
philipjfry: spoooooooookie where is ev1
10-05-2019 9:15:pm
neropl: Don't talk to him just make him an offer he can't refuse
24-08-2018 8:22:am
WP_OnE_MaN_ArMy: ive been trying to talk him into it nero
04-08-2018 1:55:pm
Maka: Hey Nero! Yeah I'll have to get on sometime. I don't really have a Windows computer anymore, but I'll try the Mac client out at some point and see how it goes.
04-08-2018 12:33:pm
neropl: Maka I think you also should come play sometimes I missed all old players from WP and FS
31-07-2018 5:42:pm
neropl: OneManArmy visited our server last night who knew him before will be happy that he's still around and playing and visit us again soon. He is that type of player every admin want to have on their server as player and a friend.
31-07-2018 5:40:pm
Maka: Oh snap
30-07-2018 10:13:pm
philipjfry: ac eletric wrecked my internet tv this morning wont be on till friday i hope
26-06-2018 9:05:pm
philipjfry: yes it is
30-05-2018 11:03:pm
neropl: it's fixed now
27-05-2018 3:02:pm
neropl: it's fixed now
27-05-2018 3:01:pm
philipjfry: as in !listplayers
25-05-2018 9:37:pm
philipjfry: server has weird issue nero it stuck cant listplayers
25-05-2018 9:36:pm
philipjfry: hi ram
18-02-2018 8:21:pm
rambozo37: hi!
18-02-2018 5:37:pm
neropl: I can login back again so try and see yourself
17-12-2017 8:03:pm
neropl: me too I thought you did something
17-12-2017 7:42:pm
Gungo: The server says I'm banned
17-12-2017 7:26:pm
DeathDealer: My goodness... Rest well Arney :\. Came back to have a good time with old friends and a dear one is gone. Will be missed.
30-10-2017 1:59:am
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