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Shout Box History
ottyhall03: taz happy birfff day lol
21-03-2012 6:33:pm
Paladin: Happy birthday Taz!
21-03-2012 3:39:pm
Vorarbeiter: happy birthday to the king of the day :)!
21-03-2012 1:59:pm
21-03-2012 1:51:pm
Rasta: Like that is gonna happen Vora Paladin asked me who VORA was that just killed him. I said A BOT at the moment XD
21-03-2012 8:55:am
Vorarbeiter: 3guys on the server and i have to work :/ ill join u guys when im home - STAY THERE FELLAS!!!
21-03-2012 8:07:am
Rasta: The entire city of Halifax is green. And drunk. Happy St. Patrick's Day! (makes me want to hock up a greenie)
17-03-2012 1:37:pm
Killaz: XD Thanks Capn!
14-03-2012 6:47:pm
capncaveman: I WANT STRIKER BACK !!!
14-03-2012 11:46:am
neropl: damn , just checked and there is no internet at home, I hope they fix it before I come home from work
07-03-2012 2:13:pm
neropl: our server is not lagging it's you laggin and is due to your connection to server or something on your computer
01-03-2012 8:50:am
ottyhall03: ur guys server is laging bad
01-03-2012 5:04:am
Rasta: Where is my little OTTYBOT today? Thought he was gaming when I saw his SHOUTOUT. I am still locked in Twitter, gotta go downtown again today
29-02-2012 6:27:am
Rasta: We need a HOSTILE REALITY coffee Cup, or at least an ET one [URL] Gameboy has one!
29-02-2012 6:26:am
ottyhall03: hello ppl hey rasta i think u spent 2 mutch time on the ship lol
29-02-2012 5:42:am
Rasta: LOL, Just noticed my new BOT's Name, Rasta Sailor - Hehe
28-02-2012 10:02:am
Killaz: is there any one here?
27-02-2012 7:33:pm
ottyhall03: how is ev1 no snow yet want 2 ride my snow mobile
18-02-2012 6:16:am
Vorarbeiter: arney is #1!!! guess nero has to ban him now... too bad
14-02-2012 4:19:am
neropl: there was an issue for on hour or so with server heavy lag but that's for short time and came back good again
12-02-2012 2:14:pm
GulaschKanone: It's the server? Cool, yesterday I though my PC is pukiing around ^^
11-02-2012 2:32:pm
Vorarbeiter: there really seem to be some problems with the server... im still connected but there was a weired heavy lag
10-02-2012 5:39:pm
ottyhall03: yea my [censored] herts this morning sorry
10-02-2012 4:21:pm
neropl: Otty you presented that wrong, our server doesn't have problem it's your game having problem to connect to our server
10-02-2012 1:08:pm
neropl: Gulasch enjoy your time now because soon you will pray so she leaves you alone
10-02-2012 1:06:pm
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